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Cable Ties and Optional Stainless Steel Luggage Cable

4 cable ties The kit includes 4 cable ties. Three SecureBAG-TAGs are included in the kit and we provide one extra luggage strap (cable tie) just in case. Cable ties are the perfect luggage strap due to their high strength and light weight. The cable ties are 7 inches long. They have a tensile strength of 75 lbs.

Cable ties are very tough and are difficult to cut. It is highly unlikely anyone would try it in a public area of the airport.

However, for the highest level of security, our stainless steel luggage cable will resist cutting.

Stainless Steel Cable Luggage Straps

Steel luggage straps The stainless steel luggage straps are 6 inches long. We use stainless steel aircraft cable with brass screw connectors. The multi-filament metal stainless steel luggage cable is extremely difficult to cut, even with wire cutters. It certainly could not be secretly cut in a public area of an airport or in any secure baggage handling area of an airport. The cable connector screws on. It is recommended that after attachment you use a set of pillars to tighten the cable so that it can't be unscrewed easily. You can connect cables together to make a longer version. A drop of superglue will make the cable impossible to unglue. Makes a great keyring too. Stainless steel cables only $3.00 each and FREE Shipping within the US.

Close-up of Stainless Steel Cables

The kit comes with cable ties, but you can order 3 stainless steel luggage cables on our order page. The "Big Hole" has a ring of sealed plastic and is then reinforced with an aluminum grommet, making it impossible to pull the cable through the luggage tag. See the order page for details.

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The following videos are tests of our SecureBAG-TAG luggage tag with cable ties and the steel luggage cables above. The video tests are WITHOUT the aluminum grommet which was the original design of the tag. We not include the aluminum grommet in all SecureBAG-TAGs. It is not possible as a practical matter to pull a cable tie out of the card. It is impossible to pull the stainless steel cable out of the card by hand.
The card (without the grommet) failed under extreme conditions but the cables did not.
Cutting tests will be available shortly.

It is nearly impossible to rip any strap through that much plastic and card stock from a bag that has to be held too. Watch our testing videos to see what we mean. It takes a full sized man using both hands and body weight to pull the cable or strap through the card using a stationary hook.

An actual thief would have to use one hand to hold the bag. Trying to rip off the tag would also be very obvious.

Video Test of SecureBAG-TAG with steel cable.
Video Test of SecureBAG-TAG with cable tie.
Video of Steel Cable and Cable Tie Results

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