Help - SecureBAG-TAG Why is there a hole in my card?

At the top of the tag is the standard strap slot. This is where you normally attach it. When the plastic is heat sealed it becomes very strong. However with enough effort or with a cutting tool, it is possible to rip the tag off the strap that is provided or off the optional steel cable.

Any tag is going to have limitations as to what it takes to destroy it. Thus, to reduce if not eliminate this problem, the tag has a 3/16" hole punched into it 3/4" from the bottom. In addition, the hole in the card is larger than this, providing a ring of plastic that is heat sealed together. This makes the hole much stronger.

However, that is only the first step. The "big hole" is further reinforced with an aluminum grommet which makes it impossible for a person to rip the card off the cable tie much less the stainless steel cable.

It is nearly impossible to rip any strap through that much plastic and card stock from a bag that has to be held too. Watch our testing videos to see what we mean. It takes a full sized man using both hands and body weight to pull the cable or strap through the card using a stationary hook. An actual thief would have to use one hand to hold the bag. Trying to rip off the tag would also be very obvious.

RFID simulated by printing on yellow vinyl.

We are NOT done yet! On the back of the card there are colored lines that run around the hole and then runs up the card to the simulated RFID chip. This makes it appear that if the tag is ripped off the strap it will break a circuit and cause the RFID chip to take some action. This will make any thief think more than twice.

The Big Hole has another benefit. When attached to your luggage, the card will not hang down nearly as far, reducing the chance that it might get caught in baggage handling equipment and ripped off. However, because the tag is so very thin and smooth, there is little chance it could get caught in machinery unlike a thick lock or one of those thick artsy tags other people sell.

The ultimate set also includes three stainless steel cables. This metal grommet makes it virtually impossible to pull the stainless steel cables through the card.

 tag closeup of grommet
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