Help - Caution on the Competition

The registration service is free for life. Our only competition charges you $8 per year. Their tag only has their information. If you do not continue to pay, the tag will do you no good. It doesn't even have your name on it.

That company, not even located in the United States, requires that the finder goes to their web site and somehow be verified as an airline employee to access an onlilne database wherein you would have previously entered in all of your information of where you were going to be.

Come on folks, who is going to think of that and take the time before their trip to enter their entire travel schedule into a form on the website? I know that no matter how much time I try to set aside to get ready for a trip, it is never enough and I am still rushed. Considering that airlines lose an average of 16 bags per 1,000, (nearly 250,000 bags monthly worldwide go missing) that is a lot of wasted customer time entering all the trip information.

The competition has ONLY their web site address on their tags. There is no email address, no telephone number or other alternate ways to reach them. It is an online system so the finder has to have computer access and let's just hope that the site is up and reachable.

You also have to hope that the finder can jump through whatever hoops that site has to give out your personal trip information. Obviously, our lazy competition doesn't want to do any real work or take any time to help you; they want their web site to do all the work.

They refer to airline personnel accessing their web site. They must have a way to verify these people. That would take time. Besides, how dumb is this, when you think about it? If you have lost a bag, the airline counter is the first place you are going to go. You will tell them what your bag looks like and about the tag that is on it. Chances are the airline will never have to log into the competitor's site and their system will have nothing to do with your bag recovery.

Their tag isn't going to stop anyone from stealing your bag in the first place. That is the first line of defense offered by SecureBAG-TAG, stopping anyone from stealing your bag in the first place. And if somehow the bag was found by some honest individual who wanted to help get it back to you, they would have to first get to a computer with internet access and then jump through a bunch of hoops to even get into the website listed on the tag. They would have no other way of contacting you. Besides, if that person could get in and see your entire trip plan, why couldn't the person that stole your bag?

Our competition is a one business company. They are a one trick pony. Their business and website could disappear tomorrow making your investment in their expensive metal tags and yearly fee a complete waste. Worse, they could fail while you are on a trip, leaving the airline or anyone else finding your luggage with absolutely no clue who the bag belongs to. If they failed, their tags are completely worthless. If their web site goes down for any reason or there are internet disruptions, their tags will do you no good.

Our competition wants you to pay a yearly fee and wants you to trust them. But their site tells you nothing about the company or who owns it. Do they even have a telephone number to call? Of course it would be an international call. In any case, they don't want to hear from you!

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